Flight of the Angel and the Conquest of the Conquistadors Part 1 and 2

Flight of the Angel and The Conquest of the Conquistadors Part 1

A North Korean physicist wanting to defect to the United States, seeks out CIA agent Commander Charles Garrity at a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration meeting in Bonn Germany. She has valuable information about a plot by several rogue countries to launch an attack into the United States from an al Qaeda training base in Northern Mexico. The trail of weapons and terrorists across the globe from Libya to North Korea, through Venezuela and into Mexico is a tale of intrigue and deception, all the while being pursued by the high flying U-2 Spy Planes and Military Forces throughout the world.

Part 2

The plan to attack the infrastructure of the country with SA24 shoulder held missiles, and Sarin Gas bombs, smuggled into the United States from Northern Mexico with North Korean drones continues. But something even more sinister is circumvented from happening by an astute Military Force with countermeasures that cripple the enemy and set up a chain of events that forces the American Presidency to rethink foreign policy objectives and the dangerous implications of launching an attack on an adversary.