“Flight of the Angel spans the globe, entangling the world’s five most important geopolitical powers in a Gordian-knot struggle for their existential survival.  This book is laced with a variety of appealing characters facing many real challenges as well was an occasional life-threatening situation…all as real was life itself!”  (Joseph G. Pacelli, Visual Consultant)

Even though this book is entitled Revolution of the Patriot, it is actually the latest “episode” in a series of introspective novels entitled Flight of the Angel, which take a critical, comprehensive birds-eye-view of the contemporary status of America…Our own internal conflicts; our ability to confront International challenges; our tenacity as a “united nation”; and our comprehensive military-preparedness to overcome all eventualities.  It is both authentic and prophetic to a point of being almost a bit scary.

When Chance Preston wins the recent presidential election, chaos ensues.  Deep state holdovers from the previous presidency are crippling his succession, stalling efforts on every front to orchestrate a successful transition.  Corruption is rampant.  Federal Agencies are resisting the new administration.  Elements of the CIA, FBI, IRS, State Department, and the Justice Department are corrupt, measured in decades of abuse….the Deep State.  As a result, the new President elects to take dramatic measures to overcome these challenges and ensure the future of America by creating the American Military Resistance (AMR): a temporary agency tasked with maintaining authority until  the government can be cleansed of corruption.  Meanwhile, America is gripped in a constitutional crisis.  Global events are spinning worldwide turmoil; it is a dangerous time to be alive.   In such dire times only a President like Chance Preston could bring the strength and wisdom needed to life the country out of chaos, but everything is stacked against him…Until…