Ken imdbKen Carpenter was born in Fort Collins Colorado in 1941. His early years were spent on his Grandfather’s ranch in Saratoga Wyoming. He graduated from Platte Valley High School in 1959. Attended Baylor University for a year before entering the United States Air Force where he served at Clark AB, Philippine Islands, and the pentagon in Washington, D.C. He entered the University of Wyoming in 1964 and graduated in 1969. His summers were spent as a river guide in Jackson Hole Wyoming. He began his movie career there working on Mrs. Pollifax – Spy as an Albanian soldier. He moved to Hollywood and became a member of SEG (Screen Extras Guild) working on numerous films and TV episodes before becoming a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild) in 1972.

Once he became a member of SAG Ken originally began appearing as a character actor. While honing his talent, Ken was also a wild river guide, guiding many tours across Americas rivers in-between movie projects. In 1972, after guiding a survey team into Slick Rock Canyon, Colorado, Ken filmed this expedition and also captured images of early native pictographs. Shortly after developing the film, Ken shared the footage with an ABC American Sportsman cameraman. 10 days later, Ken was leading another expedition into the canyon, this time to be documented for ABC Sportsman and aired later.

Ken has worked on many films and TV shows since and continues to explore roles today. He is the author of 6 books, which are currently being adapted for film.


Flight of the Angel and The Winds of Allah




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